Cake sale fundraiser!

At our last meeting, the Global Council Representatives suggested that we should organise a cake sale in order to raise funds for the victims of Hurricane Matthew in Haiti.

We are very excited about this and are currently making some eye-catching posters to put up around school.

This will take place on Tuesday 15th November at playtime and cakes will be 30p each. All funds will be donated to UNICEF – a charity that helps children in need.

Any donations would be greatly appreciated!

Hurricane Matthew

Over recent weeks we have been discussing Hurricane Matthew and its devastating effects as the children had noticed this on the news. We looked particularly at why a place like Haiti was hit much harder than other places. The children quickly realised from news reports and pictures that Haiti was a much poorer area to start with therefore their homes were more easily damaged. They were saddened to find that the children of Haiti were unable to attend school as the buildings had been severely damaged and people also had very little access to fresh water which means that disease is likely to spread among the community. I have asked the children to generate some ideas with their friends as to how we could raise money to help children in Haiti that are much less fortunate that we are and need help to rebuild their lives.

Meeting the new Global Council Representatives!

It was a pleasure to meet the new Global Council Representatives last half term.  We spent lots of time discussing the positives and negatives of our planet. We talked about natural beauty such as waterfalls, mountains and rainbows. We then discussed positive aspects of the human race such as people being charitable, families loving each other, people that do helpful jobs such as Doctors and also events to celebrate like the Olympics.

As a group, we then generated ideas about what we don’t like about our planet such as earthquakes, Tsunamis, deforestation, pollution and war. We discussed which of these things are caused by humans and why that might be.

This was an excellent place to start and we shared our views with confidence but also listened to others.

Global Council is a group of children that meet fortnightly to discuss important world issues and try to make a difference.

During this term, we have looked at endangered animals, including the causes of extinction and how we can keep vulnerable animals safe. We discussed the importance of having a diverse planet and looking after all animals as this is so important to having a healthy ecosystem. We thought about things that we could do in order to protect animals e.g. make our gardens more wildlife-friendly, ask an adult to sign petitions to protect endangered animals, donate to an animal charity and much more. We created posters and presented these in assembly to raise awareness with our friends.

We also had a debate on the rights of humans and animals. Here are some of the questions/answers that came up:

Who is more important – animals or humans?
-Animals as they help us e.g. horses used for transport before we had cars.
-Both – we are both part of the world equally.
-Humans because we are more intelligent.
-In some ways animals are more intelligent than us though e.g. with hunting, communication etc.
-Animals because without them we would struggle e.g. the blind with guide dogs.

Do animals/humans hurt each other?
– Sometimes we hurt each other in self defence e.g. if a wild animal attacked us it would be ok to hurt them.
– This is just part of life cycle that we hurt each other.
-We hurt each other for food e.g. we eat cattle, a lion would attack us out of hunger instead of nastiness.
-We sometimes hurt animals for selfish reasons e.g. to use ivory from elephants tusks to make things to sell.
-When animals hurt us for what seems like no reason, often there is a reason e.g. they mistake us for something else – sharks/seals
-We hurt animals by doing things like cutting down trees.
Really by hurting the world e.g. destroying rainforests and killing endangered animals we are hurting ourselves.