Our new Global Council – what a great bunch!

Today was our first Global council meeting. We enjoyed getting our new badges and getting to know one another.

We discussed what it means to be part of the Global Council and why it is important to have Global Council at school. We talked about how we are a team who will help others in our community and the wider world.

As a group, we decided that the project this term would be helping others in the world. We knew that people around the world need clean water and so looked at the charity, Water Aid, to find out how much money we would need to raise in order to pay for clean water or a toilet for a family in India.

The Global Council has now sprung into action, tasked to think about good fund raising activities in order for us to raise money to send to Water Aid before Christmas.

Watch this space for our fabulous ideas!

Great news!

We are delighted that our brand new Global Council members have been elected! Children in each class voted for who they thought would do a great job on behalf of their class.

Miss Burley has offered to run the Global Council and has some great ideas. She will share these at the very first Roseberry Academy Global Council meeting, which is scheduled to take place very soon! Watch this space…