Keep Britain Tidy!

I received a very exciting email over Christmas from the ‘Keep Britain Tidy’ campaign. It was all about how to make your school more of an eco-school. I immediately thought about the Global Council children and how they like to try and make a difference in the wider world by making changes in our school.

As a result of this, today at our meeting, we all completed an environmental review and tried to honestly answer lots of questions like:

-Do we always switch off lights when we leave the classroom?
-Does your school have energy meters?
-Do all pupils exercise daily?
-Is drinking water available in class?
-Do pupils think about how the things they do in everyday life affect the environment?

From the results, an action plan will then be generated so that we can start to make some positive changes and involve our classmates in becoming more eco-friendly but also celebrate some of the things we already do very well.

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