Heated debate!

Today, I posed the statement:

It is bad for children to play on computer games

Our Global Council Reps were superb at debating this topic and generated some really thoughtful responses. They listened to each other and politely agreed or disagreed with ideas that were shared. Here are some of the responses:

-Some games can be educational and help children with their learning
– Lots of games involve problem solving which is good for your brain
– Children should be allowed to have fun and do what they enjoy
-Parents can check that games are appropriate
-Youtube videos can show you how to do things
-Mathletics and Reading Eggs are types of games that help with schoolwork

-Some games are not appropriate
-Playing computer games for a long time can hurt your eyes
-It stops you from spending time outdoors
– Children could end up getting a virus on their ipad/computer
– Pop ups or inappropriate adverts could happen

What are your thoughts?

Next time, we are going to try to debate a world topic – what could this be?

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